long feature animation 85' NL / BE 
dir. by Piet Kroon
prod. BosBros / Fabrique fantastique 

original music Hans Helewaut

2018 Short feature - animation

director: Jan Bultheel
producer: Arielle Sleutel Tondofilms

composed by Hans Helewaut
orchestra recorded at Tom-Tom Hangstúdió, Budapest
orchestrator Nicolas De Cock
feature film  95'  family entertainment

directed by Geerard Vandewalle 
prod. Hotel Hungaria, Ketnet 

composer  Hannes Demaeyer / Hans Helewaut

Having a very tight deadline, and a lot of music to write, composer Hannes Demaeyer asked me to write part of the orchestral score for Helden.
My daughter being a huge fan of Helden, was very proud to see me work on the movie.
Helden is a popular television series on Ketnet, VRT and Helden Boven Alles is their second feature film. 

feature film 90' , animation.
Tondofilms, Superprod, Topkapi films, Tarantula  
director: Jan Bultheel

World Soundtrack Award 2016 Best score for Belgian production
Ensors 2016 nominated best Score

documentary 52' 
dir. by Koen Suidgeest
Moondocs NL

Solo is an emotional story about grief.
Documentary 72 min , NL
IDTV production
directed by Simonka de Jong

Pema's parents want him to marry a girl from home, a Nepali Himalayan village at 13,000 feet.
docu 52 min, BE
Canvas, Panache / Tondofilms
directed by Luc Vrijdaghs

Death, we have to live with. An old undertaker knows it like no other.
His business in the heart of Brussels is a microcosm where death is an everyday reality.
docu 7 x 52 min BE
directed by Joris Vermost & Luc Vrijdaghs

Journalist Rudi Vranckx travels thru Congo, 50 years after the independance, talking to everybody he meets about Congo today.
music featuring Dizzy Mandjeku and Dozzy Njava.

docu 52 min, NL
directed by Maartje Bakkers

Overweight & obesitas is a problem for a lot of youngsters. Frederieke and Dylan go to a special summer camp, where they can meet and talk other teenagers, sharing the same problems and frustrations.
docu 72 min NL/BE
Off World / Zeppersfilm
directed by Saskia Vredeveld

Leaving Mandela Park is a documentary about children in the South-African townships with a special drive to escape, however briefly, the drabness of everyday reality. Their dreams do not stand on their own.
docu 72 min NL / BE
Zeppersfilm / Off World
directed by Frank van den Engel

With his highly personal, grainy womens portraits, Gerard Petrus Fieret (1924-2009) managed to antagonize the entire late sixties establishment.
docu 3 x 26 min, BE
Canvas VRT
directed by Luc Vrijdaghs

A naïve interpretation of daily life on a mysterious tropical island. Based on reality, this documentary series takes you on a imaginary road.

docu 72 min NL/BE
Zeppers film / Off World
directed by Astrid Bussink

The oldest primate laboratory in the world, located in the enchanting former Soviet republic of Abkhazia, was virtually destroyed during its struggle for independence from Georgia

docu 72 min, NL / BE
Zeppers film
directed by Frank Van den Engel and Masha Novikova

The circus was the only entertainment on a journey of many months along the ancient Silk Road from Europe to China.

Long feature 90 min
D&D productions / VTM
directed by Christian Vervaet

Forty-year-old Eric moves in with Sophie, who’s in the middle of a divorce and fighting over the custody of her 15-year-old autistic son Thomas.
long feature 105min & TV series 5 x 52 min, BE
Caviar prod.
directed by Guido Hendrickx

King of The World chronicles the rise and fall of young boxing champ Stan who, just after World War II, boxes his way to become the European champion.
long feature   96 min  BE
Front line productions
directed by Dirk Beliën.
Adaptation of the novel by Marc De Bel

1998, Third year of the beast. Lien, Sien and Fien Kriegel, unseparable eleven-year-old triplets, set fire to their school. The sisters get arrested and are put away in an institution.

Various short films & projects
a selection