In production 

animation series 26 x 7'

director: Tom van Gestel

Fabrique fantastique - Scopas Median -  Ketnet

Dimitri à Ubuyu -  préquel -  26'  cinema / TV

Dimitri  serie 26 x 5 '

2017 serie 2 26 x5'  in production

Vivement Lundis FR - Beast Animation BE - Nadasdy films CH

2008  52 x 13min directed by Luc Vinciguerra
2012  52 x 13min directed by Christophe Pittet
Alphanim Gaumont / Mondo TV 
104 x 13 min
created and designed by Jan Van Rijselberge

In the mystical city of Camelot, William is an optimistic knight-in-training who is devoted to his mentor, knight in gleaming armour, Sir Roderick.

2006 Submarine NL / Walking the Dog
26 x 13 min
directed by Vincent Bal & Colette Bothof

2013 serie 2
26 x13 min

directed by Yannick Zanchetta & Paul De Blieck
2005 52 x 13 min
2007 52 x 13min
Alphanim Gaumont / Cartoon Network US
The series was designed by Jan Van Rijselberge.
directed by Charlie Bean, Ken Heath

Robotboy is a high tech robot designed by Professor Moshimo. To protect him, from the evil Kamikazi, robotboy is to be guarded by Tommy, and his friends Gus and Lola.